Are you stuck trying to sell your home for what it’s worth…


We specialize in turnkey renovations for homeowners who want to sell their homes quickly and for a better value. We do this with zero out of pocket.  Simply pay with your extra settlement money.

Step One


Your first step is to apply for us to invest in your home. We’ll come by, do some research, and provide you an offer (no extra cost, no money down).

Step Two


Upon acceptance and agreement, we invest our own money into the house, using our knowledge and expertise to renovate for what sells best. 

Step Three


When you sell the house at the new higher price, you simply pay us back with your extra profit. It’s never been easier to earn more on your real estate.

Sell Your Home For more

Increase your profit with zero money down.

Don’t get caught having to sell your home for a lower value. We are experts in selling high market value homes, often in the $350k – $1.2 million range. With our expertise in design and renovation, we will help sell your home for a larger value without any money down. Simply pay us with the extra settlement money you receive, and you’re good to go!

Our Typical Flip Numbers


Average Profit Increase

Average Days On Market


Your Risk

Want To See Our Renovations?

Our real estate investing business began with Justin & Stephanie Jones Inc. Simply put: we flipped properties. The properties we invested in were always something to eventually sell for $300k or more. We even made a show about it called Busted Cribs.

It was during this journey we developed our knowledge in knowing what tweaks a home needs to sell for a much higher profit, which is why others were making close to half the profit we were while they were cutting corners that we didn’t. After years of realtors begging us to begin helping with their Anchor Listings, we decided to officially launch this business.


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